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Commerce Cloud Sales & Solution Architect

With a proven track record of delivering demos, prototypes, and technical workshops, Mark showcased expertise in Commerce Cloud. By producing demos and prototypes, they enabled customers to grasp the platform’s capabilities and align them with their business requirements.

Their leadership in technical discovery workshops facilitated the translation of business needs into actionable technical specifications. Through comprehensive technical presentations, they elucidated the distinctions between B2C and B2B Commerce requirements, guiding customers towards optimal solutions.

Their deep dive discovery sessions on integrations ensured seamless data flow between Commerce Cloud and backend systems. By mitigating implementation risks and optimizing cost, performance, and scale, they enabled customers to achieve their business objectives efficiently.

As the chief architect, my responsibilities included:

  • Produced and delivered hundreds of demos and prototypes to customers: Demonstrated expertise in Commerce Cloud by producing and delivering numerous demos and prototypes to customers. This helped customers understand the capabilities and features of the platform, and how it can meet their business requirements.
  • Helped lead technical discovery workshops: Instrumental in leading technical discovery workshops for customers. This involved identifying their business needs and requirements, and translating them into technical specifications that can be implemented on Commerce Cloud.
  • Conducted technical presentations covering B2C and B2B Commerce requirements: This helped customers understand the nuances of each model and how Commerce Cloud can support their specific business needs.
  • Conducted deep dive discovery on integrations to backend systems: Conducted deep dive discovery sessions on integrations to backend systems such as product catalog, inventory, orders, and customer data. This helped customers understand how to integrate Commerce Cloud with their existing systems and ensure a seamless, robust, and secure data flow at high scale.
  • Lowered customer risk in implementing Commerce Cloud: Helped customers lower their risk in implementing Commerce Cloud by ensuring that the platform is implemented at low cost, high performance, and scale. This has helped customers achieve their business objectives more efficiently and effectively.

Chief Solution Architect (ORACLE)

With expertise in rapid prototyping, Mark built numerous prototypes and MVPs for diverse applications, including customer experience, B2B ordering, healthcare, and human capital management.

These functional prototypes effectively showcased customer experience, enabling businesses to enhance user satisfaction. The unique insights and analysis derived from prototypes empowered strategic decision-making, while their versatility facilitated tailored solutions for each project.

With a track record of efficient work, this professional offers valuable expertise in creating solutions that drive strategic outcomes.

As the chief architect, my responsibilities included:

  • Built dozens of prototypes and minimum viable products (MVPs): Developed a significant number of prototypes and MVPs for various applications, including customer experience, B2B ordering, healthcare, and human capital management. Worked quickly and efficiently to produce functional prototypes that met the needs of clients and internal teams.
  • Showcased customer experience: The prototypes and MVPs successfully showcased customer experience, which is crucial for businesses to attract and retain customers. By providing insights into how customers interact with different applications, helped businesses create a better user experience.
  • Enabled strategic decision-making: The unique analysis and insights provided by prototypes and MVPs enabled business users to make strategic decisions in a rapidly changing marketplace. Showed ability to think critically and provide solutions that align with the business objectives.
  • Versatility: Worked on a variety of applications, including B2B ordering, healthcare, and human capital management, which demonstrated versatility as a rapid prototyper. This versatility allowed adaption to the specific needs of each project and yielded solutions that were tailored to the specific requirements of each application.
  • Overall, demonstrated ability to work quickly and efficiently, provide unique insights and analysis, and create solutions that enable strategic decision-making.

Chief Solution Architect at a Large Funeral Service Provider

The project focused on ensuring the security and compliance of a web portal while protecting sensitive customer information. Key tasks included developing a secure backend execution system for recurring payments, integrating it with a payment processor, and creating a customizable scheduling system for customers.

Collaboration with the development team ensured user-friendly and efficient features. Thorough testing addressed security vulnerabilities and performance issues. Ongoing analysis and monitoring tracked the processing of recurring payments worth $2.5 million annually.

The team provided continuous support and maintenance to uphold the web portal’s security, reliability, and customer satisfaction.

As the chief architect for the development of a secure web payment portal, my responsibilities included:

  • Ensuring the web portal is secure and meets all industry standards for protecting sensitive customer information.
  • Developing a backend execution system that securely handles all recurring payments, which account for 25% of the overall payments in the system.
  • Integrating the backend with a payment processor to ensure smooth and secure processing of all payments.
  • Creating a customized scheduling system that allows customers to set up recurring payments on a schedule that suits their needs.
  • Working closely with the development team to ensure that all features of the web portal are user-friendly, reliable, and efficient.
  • Testing the web portal thoroughly to identify and address any potential security vulnerabilities or performance issues.
  • Analyzing and monitoring the web portal’s performance, including recurring payments processed, which amount to $2.5 million per year.
  • Providing ongoing support and maintenance to ensure the web portal continues to meet the needs of our customers and remains secure and reliable.

Customer Service Application

This project involved developing a comprehensive customer service application for call center agents. The application aimed to streamline the resolution of customer questions and issues related to returns, refunds, and new orders.

It provided a unified platform with automated workflows and notifications, allowing agents to manage the entire lifecycle of these processes effectively. Integrated with internal systems, the tool ensured seamless data exchange and data integrity.

Through extensive testing, it proved to be reliable, scalable, and user-friendly. The Chief Architect successfully enhanced the ecommerce website’s operations, empowering managers and enabling agents to deliver prompt and accurate customer service. These improvements resulted in enhanced satisfaction, reduced call handling time, and improved business efficiency.

One of the tools was for Marketing and Product Managers and included the following:

  • Developed a comprehensive customer service application for call center agents to quickly resolve customer questions and issues related to returns, refunds, and newly created orders.
  • Designed the tool to provide a unified platform for call center agents to effectively manage the entire lifecycle of returns, refunds, and new orders, from initiation to resolution, with automated workflows and notifications.
  • Implemented features such as customer search, order tracking, and refund processing to enable call center agents to provide prompt and accurate assistance to customers, resulting in improved customer satisfaction and reduced call handling time.
  • Integrated the tool with other internal systems, such as order management and inventory management, to enable seamless data exchange and ensure data integrity across different processes.
  • Conducted extensive testing and refinement to ensure that the customer service application was highly reliable, scalable, and user-friendly, resulting in improved call center efficiency and customer service quality.
  • Overall, the two business user tools I developed as the Chief Architect significantly enhanced the operations of the ecommerce website, empowering marketing and product managers with efficient content and product management capabilities and enabling call center agents to provide prompt and accurate customer service, ultimately improving customer satisfaction and driving business success.

Marketing and Product Manager Tool

As the Chief Architect, I led the development of two business user tools to enhance the operations of a medium-sized ecommerce website with 5 brands. The tools were designed to streamline content management, product catalog, pricing, inventory, and customer service processes.

One of the tools was for Marketing and Product Managers and included the following:

  • Developed a user-friendly web-based application for marketing and product managers to efficiently manage content, product catalog, pricing, and inventory for the ecommerce website with 5 brands.
  • Designed the tool to provide a centralized platform for managing and updating product information, pricing, and inventory in real-time, enabling marketing and product managers to easily make changes and ensure accurate product data.
  • Implemented advanced search and filtering functionalities to facilitate quick and efficient product management, enabling marketing and product managers to easily find and update products based on various criteria.
  • Incorporated role-based access control to ensure that only authorized users have access to sensitive product and pricing information, ensuring data security and compliance.
  • Collaborated closely with marketing and product managers to gather requirements, conduct user testing, and gather feedback for continuous improvement, resulting in a highly effective tool that streamlined content and product management processes.